The courses we choose to offer are designed to accommodate river enthusiasts, whitewater adventurers and rescue agencies. RiverStone Adventures understands that our students are as unique as the rivers and streams they play in and operate on. Our instructors teach course curriculums designed by Rescue 3 International, the American Canoe Association and RiverStone Adventurers LLC. Courses are hands on, with the philosophy that students learn best when challenged by choice.

Multiple course offerings allow you to choose which course is best for you or the agency you represent. Instructors strive to empower students to develop trust and comradery throughout their course experience. Success is measured by our students achievements and their ability to apply and perform demonstrated skills in practical settings. Course locations are specifically chosen to allow for demonstrations and student scenarios to be carried out safely and efficiently.

*RiverStone Adventures LLC is permitted by the necessary governing agencies to operate at all course locations. *Our professionally trained instructors maintain current certifications in wilderness and advanced first aid, CPR, and swiftwater rescue instruction.

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT 1)

Rescue 3 International have been world leaders in water and rope rescue since 1979. Rescue 3 is constantly developing new and innovative rescue techniques, improving old techniques, and working with manufacturers to develop equipment to meet rescuers needs. Rescue 3 curriculums are designed for recreational boaters and independent agencies and are compliant with NFPA/FEMA/NIMS standards. Upon course completion students may receive a skills sheet listing skills taught throughout the course and a participation card acknowledging course completion.

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American Canoe Association - Swiftwater Rescue

American Canoe Association - ACA is the oldest paddle sport organization in the United States. This member based, national nonprofit organization serves the broader paddling public by providing educational courses related to all aspects of paddling; stewardship support and the protection of our paddling environments. RiverStone Adventures offers Level 4: Advanced Swiftwater Rescue. For students wanting a more basic ACA course, please contact us regarding additional ACA skills courses: Level 2: Essentials of River & Rescue, Level 3: River Safety & Rescue. Join in the fun, and learn how to take an active part in your own RESCUE!. 

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RiverStone Adventures strongly believes in the preservation of our rivers and streams. As river enthusiasts we have developed a course curriculum focusing on stewardship and river safety & awarness. The course is aimed at those living in close proximity to our rivers and streams who want to just learn more about both the environment and river travel. This hands on course is excellent for families. We look forward to educating you on the joys of rivers!

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